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Sunnaty & Rocky — Minted
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Sunnaty and Rocky

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

7 days until The SP Wedding!


Once upon a time, in the crowded hallways of Shakopee Junior High School, two young souls crossed paths and destiny sprinkled its magic. Little did they know, this encounter would shape their lives in the most extraordinary way. At the tender ages of 14 and 12, Sunnaty, a bright and spirited 9th grader, caught sight of Rocky, a nerdy and mischievous 7th grader. Their eyes locking in a moment that seemed to freeze time and in that instant, a spark ignited. It was as if the universe whispered, "these two are meant to be." From that moment on, Sunnaty and Rocky became inseparable.

In 2009 after a few years of friendship, Rocky devised a plan to ask Sunnaty to be his girlfriend. Seeking her "help" with his Spanish homework, he placed a piece of paper sticking out, into his Spanish book to which Sunnaty opened the exact page. Her eyes traced the path of writing and rose petals forming the words "saldrías conmigo?" her teen heart fluttering, she said yes (sí). As the chapters of their love story unfolded, the rose petals once again became the messengers of Rocky's devotion. In a candle lit room full of pictures throughout their relationship, a trail of delicate rose petals spelled out the words "Marry Me?" to which Sunnaty said hell yes (oh sí).

They purchased their first home in 2016 with their two fur babies, Moose and Bear. And then came their two human babies, Skylin and Syrus, whose giggles and milestones have filled their days with immeasurable happiness.

On their 15 year dating anniversary, Sunnaty and Rocky will exchange vows and say "I Do" in a moment that has been a long time coming. They cannot wait to share this special day with you all. Here's to a lifetime of joy, adventure and countless cherished memories. Cheers!