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Wedding Party

Skylin Phandanouvong

Flower Girl

I'm my Mommy and Daddy's golden child and first born. I love to party and can't wait to sing and dance the night away on their wedding day.

My fun fact: I will sing "Girl on Fire" by Alicia Keys anywhere and everywhere!

Syrus Phandanouvong

Ring Bearer

I'm my Mommy and Daddy's trouble child! Maybe because I'm a Covid baby. My parent's had me shortly after my sister was born and we get mistaken for twins all the time, but we are complete opposites.

My fun fact: I'm very good at video games at just 3 years old!

Kim Grimes

Matron of Honor

I'm the bride's oldest sister (the oldest sibling of 5). Naty and I are 10 years apart so our lives were always in different places growing up. However, we continue growing closer the older we get. I'm happy Rocky is able to handle our parent's favorite, most spoiled sibling.

My fun fact: I share the same birthday as Rocky's sister, Nicko... small world!

Cody Soumpholphakdy

Best Man

I’ve known Rocky my whole life. For those that don’t know, we are cousins. Growing up with him was never a dull moment. From roaming the neighborhoods on our bicycles, to pulling all nighters playing video games. He is the brother I never had. I met Sunnaty through Rocky in middle school, which feels like forever ago. She was a couple grades above Rocky and I, so I was surprised when I found out they were dating. If you ever need someone to hype you up for anything, she’s the person to go to!

My fun fact: I'm allergic to melons!

Bunny Hertelendy

Matron of Honor

One day 30 years ago my parents broke the news to me that they had another little girl so I was no longer the baby in the family; along came Naty and she never went away. Then 15 years later Naty broke the news to the family she had a boyfriend so along came Rocky and he never went away.

My fun fact: I’m allergic to both matcha green tea and lobster but I love them too much to give them up so I risk my life and have a taste when the opportunity presents itself!

Austin Zimmermann


I don’t really remember when I met the bride as she's my cousin so I’m guessing when I was a baby? The short answer to this is we grew up together and hung out a ton! This would eventually lead me to meeting the groom, Rocky. Let’s just say I was the third wheel LOL. From there, Rocky and I became great friends. I’ve had the pleasure of watching these two grow together and become who they are today. I’m so happy for the both of them and cannot wait to see what they achieve together in the years to come.

My fun fact: I have a blue belt in juijitsu!

Jessica Yeang


Growing up, a lot of people who didn’t know us thought we were sisters because we were inseparable. We met through our parents since they’ve been friends forever. Little did I know that they would lead me to a lifelong friendship with Naty and the honor of standing by her and Rocky's side on their wedding day.

My fun fact: I could eat rice and chicken wings everyday for the rest of my life!

Justin Tang


I met Rocky in middle school through mutual friends and we also had study hall together where we spent the whole class time just napping. We quickly became friends through talking about random guy stuff like shoes, cars and video games. Around the same time I remember meeting Sunnaty in the cafeteria where the cool kids hung out before school started. We never really talked because she was too popular and she scared me.

My fun fact: I tore my pectoral muscle the day before my trip to Colorado to propose to my now fiancé!

Brandy Soumpholphakdy


Growing up, I wasn't as close to Rocky as much as my brother (Cody) or other cousins were until I met Sunnaty. We met when I was in junior high one summer when she went over to Rocky's parent's house. From then on, we built a strong friendship and my relationship with the both of them continues to grow stronger and stronger.

My fun fact: I was named after the liquor… not the singer!

Joe Huynh


I met Rocky in middle school and we initially didn't like each other for whatever reason. We had study hall together and eventually became friends over talk about video games. I later met Naty when the two started dating and now they're two of my closest friends!

My fun fact: I have my pilot's license and have gone skydiving!

Jessica Pao

Bride Concierge

I met Sunnaty when she was just 12 years old when I started dating her older brother, my now husband, Heang. She was a part of my wedding and I can't wait to be a part of her and Rocky's!

My fun fact: I'm a baker but don't eat my own desserts!

Nicko Phandanouvong

Bride Concierge

I used to chauffeur these kids around way back when they both didn't have their driver's license. Now they chauffeur me around in their 3rd row like I'm one of the kids.

My fun fact: I hate cilantro!


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Groom's Gang